Singing lessons

Find your true voice

Here we offer different singing lessons. No more pushing, no more stressing out about your singing voice.
Everyone has a unique and special voice, that's a fact. A lot of the time we just don't know how to 
access it. 
That's why we are here to help. 
We, as singers, face many challenges, and a lot of the time these challenges are deep in our bodies. The problem is that when we think about singing we directly relate to our vocal apparatus. The key is learning to think of your voice as a whole body. Every aspect of you is your voice. Every habit of yours affects your voice. 
If you are ready to go beyond your limits - your path will be very exciting and full of wonderful discoveries.
It is all about respecting, understanding and learning to love your voice. 

What's included?

  • Developing supportive breathing techniques;

  • Exploring your voice in relationship with your body;

  • Working on your voice while using various techniques and exercises;

  • Getting familiar with the vocal apparatus and how it works;

  • Working on your chosen songs;

  • Gaining more confidence in singing;

  • Learning about different tools to help you perform at your best .


£30      for an online lesson 

£100    for 4 lesson block online

Pricing is indicated for hourly lessons. Longer lessons are available at your request.

Concessions available.

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"I'm a 20+ male with a lot of singing experience and Neringa has helped me break down my singing technique and rebuild it from the ground up.
She has completely changed the way I approach singing, for the better. She has the knowledge, charisma and patience every aspiring singer should want from a tutor. 

This tutor genuinely wants to help her students. 10/10! "


"Having never taken singing lessons before I was extremely nervous, but within the first few minutes, I had forgotten about nerves!
The introductory lesson was amazingly beneficial for both confidence and understanding the more technical side of things - I left looking forward to practising before the next lesson. 
Initially, I was only looking to improve my singing for my own benefit, now I feel empowered to challenge myself further and look forward to seeing improvement over the course of future lessons. Highly recommended :-) "