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Freeself is a practice combining movement, sounding, dance, meditation and mindfulness in order to melt physical and emotional blocks in the human body and unlock overall freedom.

Freedom in movement, freedom in thinking, freedom in feeling and freedom in expressing your true essence. 

Freeself is a holistic approach to self-healing and self-discovery, where through dynamic activities you are inspired and empowered by accepting yourself the way you are.


Find Your Element 
Online Retreat for Women

Find Your Element home retreat is designed for women to deepen their self-knowledge, to understand and accept themselves the way they are. 

The 4 elements represent your fundamental character traits, temperament and set your relationship with your femininity. All four elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air, come into play to a certain degree in your personality and are necessary to live a balanced and fulfilled life.
Acknowledging and understanding those elements in you is the key to love yourself and overcome self-doubt.

However, we all have a dominant element and we try, incorrectly, to compensate for the lacking ones. By understanding the elements you are made of, what they mean and how they interact with each other, you can understand, accept and love yourself as well as others. 

Throughout this retreat, we will be using various techniques like -  free movement, dance, sounding, mindful breathing, energy work and more -  to feel those elements in us and revitalise them. 



"I loved the retreat. I enjoyed learning about the theoretical elements of fire water air and earth and how we can use them in certain situations to enhance our lives but knowing that we also have a tendency to be drawn to one of them. For me, air, I gained great value from the movement, dance, breathing and connection from each of the active sessions and it was great to be with some like minded women. Overall, a real treat of a retreat! Perfectly balanced.I absolutely feel inspired to connect more with myself and the learnings I gained. Thank you."


"Very happy I did this retreat. It was an amazing feeling to be a part of a cozy circle of women where you feel comfortable and free. Loved exploring all the elements, the qualities that they have and tapping into them. This program helped me to accept and learn a few things about myself, feel more free and embrace my own uniqueness."


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Free Body | Free Mind
Weekly group sessions online for women

Enjoy freedom of movement combined with breathwork, dance and sounding.
Tap into your feminine and life energy with ease and playfulness.


During these sessions, we are exploring how our physical body might reflect our emotional and mental challenges, and how we can release unnecessary tension to improve our overall health and wellbeing.

Along with handpicked tunes, every practice will enable you to escape your daily routine and connect with your inner self - the source of creativity, positivity and fulfilment. 

Release your stress and recharge yourself with new and flourishing energy!

Upcoming dates 5th -26th May 2021
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More information about one-off events can be found on the Events page