Freeing Your Voice

Freeing Your Voice - Individual Online Course For Women


Do you ever feel that your voice does not sound the way you want it to?

Have you ever experienced a situation when your voice just shuts down when you need it the most?

Do you dream of being able to 
express yourself with confidence and ease in any situation?

Do you wish to sound and speak like you feel?

Through various specially selected practices, gain self confidence, get closer to yourself and your true potential. Free your inner and your outer voice!
Your voice is completely unique, never forget this. This is your greatest advantage. 

Understanding and connecting with your voice creates confidence not only in the way you speak, but also in the way you think. It shows us when to stop and when to go forward, when to listen and when to speak up, when to take a rest and when to take action. It can be healing as well as nurturing and inspiring. The voice is our best guide, if we only learn how to listen to it with patience and support. 

This course is design to fulfil your personal needs and will be customised to your personal challenges and situations. However, you can read about what to expect from this course bellow.

You will learn about

  • Voice and body connection

  • The flow of breath as your life energy expressed through your voice

  • The embodiment of your voice

  • Voice meditation and how to use it

  • 4 nature elements in your voice and how they work

  • Your emotional and mental blocks expressed through your voice and how to work with them

  • Different vocal exploration techniques

  • Voice as a tool of self-healing and self-expression

What's included

  • A monthly course tailored to your own individual needs, dedicated to freeing your voice, connecting with yourself and therefore gaining more confidence.

  • 4 individual hourly sessions, full of dance, movement, breathing, vocal practices, singing - everything that is needed to find inner balance and trust in yourself.

  • A 4 week voice diary specially created for this course, to get to know yourself and your voice better.

  • Backing tracks for your daily practice.

  • A handbook for your voice, full of useful tips.

  • An additional 30 minute session within one month after the course; to answer your questions, and to check up on how well integrating the course information into your daily life is going.

  • Availability to continue your voice development after the course with Neringa, one to one.



For a limited time only, price for the full course and all the supporting materials is only £140.

Availability to pay in parts.

Booking information

You can book the course directly by email, filling out our contact form or booking a free 20 minute session with Neringa to learn more.