Neiringa Ka is a musician, singer and a vocal coach. She has spent the past 10 years in the music world, exploring and deepening the understanding of sound, music and the voice. She has been teaching singing professionally, with an idea, that everything that we need to know about our voice we carry inside us. "Everything can be learned, and every voice has its own uniqueness, that just needs to be uncovered and released to the world" - she says. "This is one of the most important ideas when it comes to music and singing. It is very important for us to accept our differences, and appreciate them without judgment, comparison or shame."



Neringa studied Jazz Singing in the Lithuanian Academy of Music And Theatre, where she gained her first class BA degree with honours and an additional diploma in music pedagogy in 2016. During her studies, she developed a great interest in psychoacoustics and music psychology. So after the graduation, she decided to continue her studies in Rome, studying sound design and sound engineering. That wasn't quite enough to find her place in music, which lead her to continue her search in Scotland. All that was needed was a calm and nurturing environment, that inspired Neringa to go back to singing, although this time with a different mind set. She found that our voices deserve to be heard, taken care of and nurtured with love. "It is sometimes very hard to forget the competitive side of our nature, and let go of opinions, that lead us to ignoring our true selves." Since 2018 she has been teaching singing in Scotland, inspiring her students to listen to their voices and helping them to find their vocal powers within. As well as continuing her professional development in the field, through various courses and workshops dedicated to empowering and opening the voice, liberating your body through movement, and creating balance within. 

Neringa is also actively creating her own original music across different genres, as well as collaborating in international music projects with other musicians, working on these projects with the intention of communicating emotion and bypassing language barriers through sound and music. She has also lead online sessions for freeing dance and energetic breathing, vocal exploration, vocal meditation, and yoga. According to her, the most important thing is to learn to appreciate yourself and others, be present and enjoy every moment.
Music, of course, is here to support us in this journey.